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We have extended the periods of this challenge due to the spread of COVID-19. Please refer to the descriptions in the site of this challenge for more information.

About This Site

This site is the Developers Site for Open Data Challenge for Public Transportation in Tokyo.

For more information about the data opened in this challenge, refer to this site.

For all the questions about this challenge (including the contents of the provided data and questions about using API), please use the forum that becomes available after user registration or send an email to the Secretariat Office of this challenge. Never contact any public transportation entities!

How To Use Opened Data

In order to use the data, you must make the user registration in this site. You can use the API key issued after completing the registration to access the data.

About Commercial Use

In the 4th challenge, you can use the provided data even for commercial use. When you are going to use them commercially, please make sure to read and follow the description written in the website for the challenge .

How to Enter Your Work

The user registration is also required when entering a work you produced. After the registration, log in to this site and make your entry from the page displayed.

Notes for User Registration

Before making your user registration, please read and agree the following:

After applying for the user registration, please allow us two business days to check your application and complete the registration. Please regularly check your inbox as we contact you about the registration process via email. Please note in advance that you may not get registered if any content of the application is determined to be incorrect.

To those who have registered for the 3rd challenge: Those who have registered for the 3rd challenge and are also willing to register for the 4th challenge can use their current API access token (ConsumerKey) and their current account for our developer site continuously for the 4th challenge by a simple action at our developer site. This function will be activated at 13:00 on Dec. 19, 2019 (JST). So if you want to continue the participation to our challenge, please use this continuation scheme and avoid re-registering for the 4th challenge.

Please logout and re-login to our developer site to go to the page for continuing the registration for the challenge.

User Registration

Association for Open Data of Public Transportation Secretariat Office
Open 9:00 to 17:30 JST (except Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese national holidays, and Dec 27 to Jan 4)
(Within YRP Ubiquitous Networking Laboratory)